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Tantra massage session


In a few hours I will bring you away from the daily stress into the wonderful, exciting and blissful experience, you wish, that would never end.


I am an experienced masseuse who combines tantra with kink and many ancient techniques. 

I touch your naked body, mind and soul. I give you my full presence. 


After landing on the face of earth again you will feel as if you have been on vacation. You will be soft, energised, polarised, excited and inspired. 


I do not offer sexual intercourse or oral sex. My massage is very sensual, kinky and exciting, but not focused on ejaculation or instant sexual gratification. 


I massage you with warm oil, my hands and entire body. I work on energy and bodily level. 

Prior to the massage we can have a cup of tea and talk about boundaries, tantra, kink and expectations. 

You can reach me via private message, telephone or whatsapp. 

Please understand, I don't accept any clients without a downpayment.

 Please communicate in English.


The experience I offer is a luxurious treat, unlike maybe others offer on this platform.

My prices are based on the quality, experience and the reviews of delighted clients. 


1 hour trial 130 euros (only for the first meeting as a trial)

Tantra massage:

2 hrs massage is 300 euros 

3 hrs massage is 450 euros 

4 hrs massage is 600 euros

Tantra massage and handful tips on tantra, tantric exercises, teachings that will change your sex life, pay only 50 euros more!

2 hrs 350 euros

3 hrs 500 euros

Downpayment is 50 euro to be deducted from the price and to be done the moment you book a session. 


Treat yourself to this beautiful experience. A massage shorter than 2 hours is not an option as I believe that good things in life cost time. If you are a returning client,  the 5th session is free of charge. 


Thank you for reading and book your appointment for an amazing Tantra massage! 

Whatsapp: 06-87996579

Tantric Domination Session


Have you ever dreamt of a beautiful, warm, playful, intelligent, dominant woman to wind you up around her little finger?


Have you ever met a mistress with humour, charm and a will that will take you like a hot lava?



Oh boy… oh man… omg! You don’t know what you’re missing!


You have seen my pics already dirty little perv, didn’t you?


I might be a pretty and hot, but don’t let the looks deceive you.


I work on several levels: spiritual, body and on your mind.


I always start with a short talk on boundaries. I want to hear you and enquire what your body, heart, soul needs. Every client brings different desires to the session. I do the session according to what you bring.  At the end of the session you feel more energy, flow, self love, joy and horniness. 


Some things I really enjoy, that might happen in my sessions:


*Any fantasy or role playing

*Dirty talk

* Foot adoration

*Tantric soft domination

* Impact play on your NAKED body!


*Body to body massage tease and denial massage

*Me giving you orders and punishing you for disobedience

*Whipping your ass into 50 shades of red

*What is your deep desire? Confess it to me and you might be rewarded.


Please communicate in English with me.


Mind that: I offer no intercourse or sexual action on me bad boy, but I am more than happy to peg you into another dimension!

Thank you for reading and book your appointment for an amazing session! 

Whatsapp: 06-87996579


My boundries:

Real tantra says cumming is unhappy ending. I promise you will leave my sessions energized, full of booster life force, senuous, horny, delighted and in bliss without cumming, nor intercourse nor licking nor sucking. Good and amazing sexuality is much more than an feeling empty intercourse of a pussy and cock. These are my hard boundries and what are yours?

Meet me and lets have a blissful, educational, playful, insightful, energizing and fun time in my Aphrodisias Temple!

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