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I would like to offer you a unique experience in Goddess Aphrodisias's Temple



 "Yes hallelujah", I love the joy, openness, horniness, aliveness I feel in my body". 

My passion is TANTRA and I love to share this with you.


  • It brings together spirituality and sexuality

  • Enhances intimacy

  • Deepens the sexual experience.

  • Tantra isn't just about sexual pleasure , it is much more.

  • The body starts feeling sensations it never did before.

  • It improves communication skills.

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Tantra for singles and couples​


Tantra massage and dearmouring


Role Playing: Sensous sexual tantric role playing within boudries


Foot fetish and play

I work on several levels: spiritual, body and your mind.

I start with a short talk on boundries, hear your needs and desires and enquire what your body, heart and soul needs to be in more flow and joy. 




1 hour 130 euros ( to try and only for the 1st meeting as a trial).

Tantra massage prices:

2 hours: 300 euros

3 hours: 450 euros

4 hours: 600 euros

Tantra massage and handful tips on tantra, tantric exercises,

teaching that will change your sex life, pay only 50 euro more!

2 hours: 350 euros

3 hours 500 euros

Tantric domination prices:

2 hours: 350 euros

3 hours: 500 euros

4 hours: 600 euros

Please understand, I don't accept any clients without a prepayment of €50,- for booking the session room in

The Hague, session room is also used by other people.

Therefore, indicate day, time and duration in advance. 

“For example 14th of February 10 AM, 3 hrs”.
This precaution is necessary as I deal with many people

who are no shows and don't respect my time.

You can reach me via private message on WhatsApp.



Many testimonials I received from many clients and below is one of them:

Wish it never ended !!!!

This Tantra massage by Goddess Aphrodisias was something I did never experienced before, while considering myself one of these lucky men in life experiences! It’s maybe not what you expect to find on this webpage… No it’s so much more!

No Not a sexual exchange, but there is just a sensual giver and a passive receiver. Where the receiver (Me the privileged one) supposed to enjoy the massage completely listening to my own body and breath passively.

In that process she explained so well that she combines the touch softly and transferred it to me as an extreme warm feeling of well-being, associated with deep relaxation. This sort of Tantra massage I never received before and enjoyed it so much more than a sexual experience.

I felt and was having the feeling of soft tickling all over my body... and then you slowly rise from the ground as if you were beginning to float.

If you can surrender completely, you will feel the tickle of an orgasm coursing through your entire body without ejaculating.

And this all over your body and in your brain, not for five minutes but for two hours.
What an insane experience and what enchantment.

Goddess Aphrodisias has a gift that few people in the world have in my opinion.
I would like to own these myself to be able to pass them on to others.

What a blast.

Thanks it's not enough. I don't know how to thank you for this experience!!


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Tel: +31 6 87996579

The Hague

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